Swear Words

Shaking hands & building brands

Swear Words is at
Level 1/224 Swan St.
Richmond VIC 3121

—enter via alleyway

Call +61 3 9421 3572
or send an email to

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We’re currently not hiring,
but folios are always welcome here.


We create emotional connections.
We’re strategic and practical.
We’re consumer-focussed.
We’re graphic designers.
We’re web designers.
We’re nice people.

Swear Words is: Scott LarrittTom Clayton - SW_ABOUT_STAFF_SL, Tom ClaytonTom Clayton - SW_ABOUT_STAFF_TC, Audrey MailhotTom Clayton - SW_ABOUT_STAFF_AM & Maegan BrownTom Clayton - SW_ABOUT_STAFF_MB