Swear Words

Who Gives a Crap – Turning the toilet-paper category on its ass.

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Who Gives A Crap supplies feel-good toilet paper and uses 50 percent of its profits to build toilets in the developing world. A super-fun international collaboration of creative thinkers which included a product designer from New York, a social entrepreneur in Melbourne, and a copywriter in London. The now iconic brandmark and package is as unexpected, as it is memorable, in the category.

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“The brand has performed really well and a lot of that comes from having packaging that’s really exciting. We loved working with Swear Words and the results have been great.”

Simon Griffiths
Co-Founder and Head Honcho


WGAC joined forces with the likes of Craig & Karl, Stephen Baker and Beci Orpin to incorporate their artwork into our original package design to enable an exciting ongoing evolution of the brand.

Brand Evolution


Let’s be honest, if you’re a brand, looking good is more important than we’re willing to admit. After all, a brand doesn’t exist inside a vacuum, it’s a ruthless marketplace out there…

But starting from scratch or revitalising your established brand is daunting. Fortunately we’re here to ensure your amazing product or service gets all the attention it deserves. Our process, refined over 15 years, is focussed on using design to help you build a great brand.

From brand naming, strategy and identity design, through to packaging and digital design, we’ve got lots of success stories to share — let’s make yours the next one! Talk to us@swearwords.com.au.

Swear Words is: Scott Larritt (Creative Director), Audrey Mailhot (Design Manager) & Rachel Chew (Lead Designer).