Swear Words

Nudy Rudy – Cheeky soap for all of your cheeks.

Nudy Rudy Soap Packaging

Just soap. No opera. Bold, bright colours and playful copy (who doesn’t like a good pun?!) makes for packaging that you just have to pick up.

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Nudy Rudy Soap Packaging
Just Soap. No Opera.

Swear Words is an Australian creative studio specialising in brand identity and packaging design. We are committed to producing environmentally conscious solutions that are as engaging as they are functional. We believe that great design behaves like a swear word — a succinct and passionate communication of your story.

Learn more about our sustainability commitment here.

Our team is Scott Larritt (Creative Director), Audrey Mailhot (Design Manager), Yarron Frauenfelder (Lead Designer), Rachel Chew (Senior Designer) and a network of very clever photographers, illustrators, printers, packaging producers, copywriters, developers, and marketing specialists.

We Love:
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Naming
• Brand Identity Design
• Copywriting
• Packaging Design
• Print Design
• Digital Design
• Art Direction
• Signage & Wayfinding

You can chat to us@swearwords.com.au.